While business process outsourcing can often be fraught with complexity, Hello RPO makes engaging an external partner for your recruiting needs simple and easy, yet incredibly powerful. Hello RPO offers à la carte service selection, so you use just the services you need, when you need them.

Our services span the full range of the recruiting lifecycle.  You can also elect to engage our services on-site at your organization, near-site in your local area, or off-shore through our recruitment team in Noida, India.

Simplified Service Selection

When we start working together, we’ll first get to know your organization and your most important goals. From there, you select the specific services you want, just how you want them. Never bundling more than you need.  Select from:

Sourcing:  We’ll post and promote your job description within job search networks and then develop a pool of applicants for your open roles. We’ll target active and passive candidates who may not be actively looking. Then, we will ensure ample number of applicants, based on the specifications you desire.

Vetting:  With an initial pool of applicants, we’ll identify a set of candidates who are a great fit for your needed position.

Interviewing:  Many clients fear the uncertainty of outsourcing interviewing. Our team is seasoned at interviewing candidates for organizations, and you can be confident your talent is in exceptional hands. We’ll conduct interviews via phone or in-person, as well as conduct skills testing, and find the candidates that are right for your position.

Background Screening:  We’ll complete final background checks, contact references, and conduct security clearances to ensure your talent is pre-qualified and ready to start.

Onboarding:  We’ll conduct orientation and training sessions for your incoming employees so you can engage them immediately.

Information Management:  Whether you have an ATS in place or not, we’ll ensure you have all the data and information you need to make the right recruiting and hiring decisions. If you don’t have an ATS, leverage our own ATS application, XRM System, to manage, track, and report on recruitment activity across your organization.

Simplified Location Selection

With robust teams in both the U.S. and India, you can compose your specific program team just how you’d like.

U.S. Team

Our U.S. team can work alongside you in your organization, near you in your local area, or in a Hello RPO corporate office to ensure you get the personalized attention you need. Our U.S.-based team members can also conduct interviews with your candidates in person and conduct other recruitment processes.

India Team

Our team based in Noida, India, can conduct sourcing, screening, and background check processes efficiently and effectively so you gain greater value. Our recruiters in India have 5.7 years of recruiting experience on average and all incoming recruiters complete Hello’s recruiter training course and on-going dialect coaching to ensure your recruiters are among the best in the industry.

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