About Us

Say, “hello,” to Hello RPO.

Hello RPO brings a new way of engaging recruiting and sourcing services.

With Hello RPO, you select from simple, easy to understand services. And with Hello, you leverage the close collaboration of U.S.-based RPO service with the efficiency for high-volume work of off-shore supports.

The result?  Better quality talent. More easily. And with fewer resources.

The In-Demand Talent You Need

We don’t need to talk about the war for talent that’s going on right now. With unemployment at unprecedentedly low rates, you’re experiencing the tough search for talent every day.

Simply put, Hello RPO finds the talent you need. We know high-quality talent is the key to your organization’s success, and that finding the right person is about more than checking a few requirements on a resume. It’s about finding exceptional credentials and a true fit with your organization’s culture, your values, and your goals. At Hello, we utilize our RiteSource recruiting method to ensure you find the high-caliber people you need, when you need them.

The Simplicity You Crave

Hello RPO is easy. With Hello, there’s no bundling of services you don’t need. With Hello, there’s pick-what-you-want ease. Our à la carte service offering lets you select just the specific recruitment services you need, whether it’s a full-service package or a single component of the recruiting lifecycle, such as sourcing and screening. What’s more is you can engage our services for just the length of time you need, with no need to sign up for lengthy contract periods.

So feel free to flex up or flex down, and pick just this or just that. We don’t mind. We’re here to help. No job is too small, and no job is too large. We handle it all. We simply want to help you connect with talent, and do it in a way that’s right for you.

The Value You Expect

What’s also new about Hello? The value we create for you. We take a dual-location approach to our services that translates to cost savings. We have teams in both the U.S. and India, and together we leverage value while delivering exceptional quality service.

Utilizing our U.S-based team, you’ll get the best of local service tailored precisely to your specific needs. And by utilizing our team in India, you’ll leverage value in off-shore collaborations. With this unique combination of U.S- and India-based services, you get the highest quality service at the most effective possible price.

The Quality You Require

In today’s landscape of RPO services, there’s a lot to choose from. But there’s not always a lot of trust and built reputation. As an Acro Group company, Hello RPO brings recruiting expertise from more than 35 years.

Our group has been a recruiting and staffing pioneer since 1982. And over the years, we have recruited for hundreds of thousands of positions. No matter whether you have high-volume needs or are looking for specialized, hard-to-fill roles, our recruiters have the horsepower and expertise to find the talent you need.

Say, “hello,” to Hello.

Say, “hello,” to a new approach.